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Welcome to The Little Chickadee!

We've carefully selected our products from the finest names in the birding industry -- with an emphasis on "the unique" and "the highest quality."  You can trust that every item we sell is well designed for its intended purpose, well constructed, and bird and backyard friendly.  We offer competitive prices, safe payment options and fast shipping right to your door.  We stand behind our products and service 100%!

-Tubes (seed & nyjer thistle) -Heartwood™ bird houses -Non-heated bird baths
-Hopper -Purple Martin bird houses -Heated bird baths
-Squirrel-proof  -Songbird Cedar™ bird houses -Bird bath heaters & deicers
-Hummingbird and oriole  -Recycled plastic bird houses -Mosquito controls
-Peanut feeders -All styles of bird houses FOOD
-Window OTHER HOUSES -Suet & seed cakes
-Suet feeders  -Bat houses -Seed & corn in bags
-Recycled plastic feeders -Butterfly houses OUTDOOR & GARDEN ACCENTS
-Platform & tray style SQUIRREL PRODUCTS -Outdoor thermometers
-Caged feeders -Squirrel feeders -Ornamental hangers
-Wood feeders -Squirrel food -Garden flags
BIRDING ACCESSORIES -Squirrel houses -Bird strike deterrent window decals
-Poles -Arundale Squirrel Stuff™ BOOKS, SOFTWARE, DVDs & MUSIC
-Domes & baffles NATURE-THEMED HOME DECOR  -Birding books and field guides
-Hangers, hooks, & chains -Coffee, tea & beverage mugs -Birding software and DVDs
-Seed storage -Welcome signs & wall plaques -Music
-Brushes & other tools -Magnetic lists & notepads GIFT IDEAS
-Non-toxic cleaners -Storage boxes -Bird-themed fabric bags & carry alls
-Bird house predator guards   -Wild Republic singing plush bird toys
-Nesting material MANUFACTURER LISTING -Motion-sensor bird cameras
-Motion-sensor bird cameras -Every brand we sell HOLIDAY-THEMED ITEMS
-Sun protective hats
-Shirts, aprons, ties
-Baseball caps & trucker hats